The tree of life is a juried exhibition,
gathering the artists from
all over the world

The concept of the Tree of life existed in many ancient cultures. Every culture had its own sacred tree. In ancient times, it was associated with gods and mysterious forces of nature.

It was believed that the tree has a soul and possesses a special, sacred, mystical power, therefore it is one of the most universal symbols of the spiritual culture of mankind. It symbolized the central axis of the world connecting Heaven and Earth, man, and his spiritual search, cycles and events of the past, present and future, the Universe and its evolution; hidden wisdom and mysterious laws of being.

The tree of life brings the idea of harmony in the world’s structure. It was believed that it can heal and revive.

This symbol is a source of inspiration for artists, writers, poets, composers, architects and masters of traditional arts and crafts.

The Tree of life exhibition is a creative symbol which brings the idea of uniting and reviving the significance of the art of every country and of the whole world. Each artist makes a contribution with an art-work to the Tree of life of the mankind and to the cultural progress. Every day a vast amount of ideas and concepts are born into the world of art in their most vivid implementations. We unite artists in one artistic and cultural space in order to share the vital creative forces, cultural concepts and inspiration with people from many countries.

The competition concept:

The idea of the exhibition can be reflected in works of different styles and techniques.

The main criteria for the jury is the idea, the concept that the artist embodies into the art-work. The idea of the exhibition unites traditions, creative searches of harmony and fantasy.

Artists of different styles are invited to participate from landscape to abstract arts, from portrait to jewelry art. We welcome artists who work in diverse techniques, such as: painting, graphic art, decorative applied art, photography,

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